Leah Pritchett Earns Her First Top Fuel Win In All Female Final Round

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FireAde Teams Up With BVR To Sponsor Leah Pritchett Dragster



Bob Vandergriff Racing announces a multi-race deal to have FireAde 2000 serve as primary sponsor on the Leah Pritchett driven top fuel dragster at select events in the 2016 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series and serve as an associate sponsor throughout the rest of the season.

“Ron Thames owner of Fire Service Plus which makes the Fireade product and I starting discussing ways we could work together last October,” said team owner Bob Vandergriff Jr. “We’re both excited we were able to put together a program that will benefit both sides, they make a great product and it’s been very well received at every level we’ve introduced it.”

“When you think of B2B and creating opportunities I kept hearing one name, Bob Vandergriff and BVR,” said Ron Thames. “Since creating this partnership our company has already had doors opened for us at both the retail level and in the oil fields sector. I’m looking forward to growing this program and we’re off to great start already.”

This is Pritchett’s first season with Bob Vandergriff Racing and her first full-season behind-the-wheel of a top fuel dragster. FireAde is the second major company to team up with Bob Vandergriff Jr to sponsor Pritchett this season. Pritchett finished #14 in points last year after only competing in 16 out of 24 races. With the backing of BVR she has the NHRA Top Fuel Championship in her sights.

FireAde manufactures innovative, user friendly and environmentally safe fire extinguishers. Their products are made from 98% organic compounds, so they contain no hazardous chemicals and are biodegradable. FireAde is used by the NHRA Safety Safari and their extinguishers can be found in retailers all around the viagrafreesample.com/where-to-buy-female-viagra-pink-pills-real-viagra-for-women-sale world.

The first race of the 2016 NHRA Mello Yello Series will be the Circle K Winternationals in Pomona, California on February 12 – 14.

Ron Douglas Joins BVR



Bob Vandergriff Racing has named Ron Douglas as co-crew chief on the C&J Energy Services Top Fuel Dragster of Dave Connolly. Douglas will work side-by-side with Connolly’s other co-crew chief, Jason McCulloch.

“I am really excited about joining Bob Vandergriff Racing for the 2016 season and beyond. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Jason McCulloch on the C&J Energy Services Top Fuel dragster,” said Douglas. “Dave is a great driver and I’m looking forward to working with the BVR team to get the C&J dragster into the Winner’s Circle. We have high expectations and lofty goals for the upcoming season.”

Douglas has been involved in NHRA Drag Racing for more than two-decades, working alongside racing legend Dick LaHaie and tuning cars for Doug Herbert and Cruz Pedregon. Douglas spent the last nine seasons with John Force Racing where he put his teams in the top 10 for seven straight seasons, made 31 final round appearances with 12 wins, and helped Courtney Force set a National speed record in Nitro Funny Car this past year.

“We have our sights set on the NHRA championship this season and Ron will play a major role in getting that done,” said team owner, Bob Vandergriff Jr. “Ron brings a lot of experience to the table, so I expect great things from him and Jason in 2016.”

BVR also just recently announced the addition of Leah Pritchett and a Quaker State sponsored Top Fuel Dragster. Mike Guger and Joe Barlam will be co-crew chiefs on that dragster for the 2016 season.

Bob Vandergriff Leads Charity Flywheel

Your favorite drivers from the NHRA will be working up a sweat to help make wishes come true for deserving children. The Vandergriff Foundation has teamed up with Flywheel Sports to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In fact, if you ask famous sports personalities in various

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